Ribbon Q21 Session Border Controller testing made easy using Netaxis’ Sigma centralized call generator

Sigma Centralized Call Simulator is a centralised VoIP traffic generator. See how Sigma helped Manchester based network operator M247.
Dory Centralized VoIP call generator

Ribbon Q21 Session Border Controller testing made easy using Netaxis’ Sigma centralized call generator - flexibility is our middle name

We had Manchester based network operator M247 in the Brussels office last week. They have a project that includes our Session Routing Engine as a means of uniting several SBC POPs. The SRE brings multiple advantage including flexible centralized routing and allowing M247 to implement the new Ofcom rules on CLI presentation that are in effect from October 1st.

Before pushing the button we need to test certain features in the SBC as to how the SBC reacts upon a redirect instruction from a routing engine.  To do this we configured both the Ribbon Q21 SBC in the M247 lab and our own Sigma centralized call generator so that they could talk over the internet.

Then M247 got the SBC to route test calls to Sigma, and on our side we configured Sigma to reply with 302 (Redirect) messages containing 2 Contact URLs – the use of 2 Contacts was the feature being tested.

In such a condition, the SBC would first try to use the first Contact URL to deliver the call and, as that trunk was intentionally left not reachable, the SBC would then use the second Contact to get to terminate the call to a mobile phone.

An effective and quick test for the Genband SBC capabilities and a way to show how quick can be to build up a test scenario on Sigma.

I was involved in the meeting and have to tell you it was super impressive the way we could fire up Sigma and have it performing tests in a matter of minutes. Both Netaxis and M247 engineers worked well together and it’s nice when we can sort issues out quickly like this.

I make no apology for the almost geek like technical nature of this blog post. The work that we did will only be of interest to a minority of people but this minority are likely to be the kind of people we engage with in our customer base.

Click on the link for more information on our Sigma centralised call generator

If you’d like to know more about Sigma or request a demo please email sales@netaxis.be. We have offices in Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Italy and The United Kingdom.

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