Netaxis wins ITSPA Award for best VoIP infrastructure with APIO Customer care portal for Cisco BroadWorks

Netaxis wins ITSPA Award for Best VoIP Infrastructure. See why Netaxis APIO is a powerful tool for services based on the Cisco BroadWorks Application Server.
ITSPA Awards 2020 Winner Netaxis Solutions

Netaxis wins Internet Telephony Association Award for Best VoIP Infrastructure with API Orchestrator and customer portal for Cisco BroadWorks

We have done it again folks. This is the third year we have entered the ITSPA Awards and the third year we have won the award for Best VoIP Infrastructure. Two years ago it was for our suite of Network Monitoring products Nemo, Sigma and Engo. Last year our API driven Session Routing Engine with a drag and drop GUI took the honours. In 2020 we took top billing with APIO.

APIO, in case you didn’t already know, is a powerful tool for those who offer services based on  the Cisco BroadWorks Application Server (BroadWorks has many hundreds of service provider users).

  • APIO makes connecting to BroadWorks easier through a simplified API
  • APIO is the way to automate your processes including the provisioning of new services
  • APIO provides a two step provisioning interface
    • Firstly a simple enterprise setup and assignation of licenses
    • Followed by allowing customers to do their own provisioning through a self care portal
  • APIO saves service providers money by massively lowering operational costs

Simple really. We won the ITSPA Award for Best VoIP infrastructure because we have a great product that is right in the sweet spot for many Cisco BroadWorks based telcos. Our Broadworks business is driving real growth across international markets.

Companies are either using us because they currently have no Customer Portal or they are looking for a replacement for the old Loki portal that Cisco have made obsolete. In fact the APIO core itself is attractive enough in its own right for large telcos to use it to interface to their own self developed portals.

Because we have a low cost route to entry APIO can be used by any ITSP regardless of size and scale up the capability as their business grows. APIO is also designed to easily integrate with existing third party applications such as billing systems and voice recorders (etc).

Catch the video below which was my acceptance speech. The ITSPAs this were went virtual for obvious COVID19 reasons and we all had to pre-record speeches without knowing whether we had won or not. I was on holiday in Wales at the time.

Take a look at previous posts about winning ITSPA Awards and our APIO page on this site.

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