Monthly Archives: May 2021

Webex for Broadworks Integration made easy

The growth in video conferencing led to the increasing popularity of Webex. See how Netaxis APIO helps BroadWorks customers integrate new functionality into services. … Read More

What to Know About the Different Types of Telecoms Fraud

Wangiri Fraud, International Revenue Share Fraud, False Answer Supervision, and other types of telecoms fraud – read the detailed description of each in this blog post. … Read More

Stop Sell dates for copper in UK telephone exchanges

UK infrastructure provider Openreach intended to switch off the copper phone network in 2025. But what do stop sells mean for Service Providers? … Read More

Remote learning telecoms training at Netaxis

Netaxis Academy announces the reopening of remote learning telecoms training – getting back to education after the durable worldwide COVID lockdown. … Read More

ITSPA rebrands as Comms Council UK

ITSPA, the trade association of the Internet Telephony Service Providers in the UK, has rebranded as Comms Council UK. What does the rebranding cover? … Read More