CLI validation service by Netaxis: Control your surcharges

With Ofcom introducing origin-based surcharges for internationally originated calls to UK numbers, CLI Validation Service by Netaxis appears to reduce extra fees.

CLI Validation Service by Netaxis – control your surcharges

CLI Validation Service aims to reduce surcharges

As of 1st August 2021 Ofcom introduced new origin-based surcharges for internationally originated calls to UK geographic (starting 01/08/21) or mobile numbers (starting 01/09/2021). The Netaxis CLI Validation Service is a tool that can be used to minimise surcharges.

Surcharges, which can be as high as £2 a minute, have to be applied where a CLI is missing, corrupt, malformed or unknown. Pre-defined charge bands apply based on destination (UK mobile/fixed) and vary by source country code. 

CLI Validation Service stops these calls from happening

By using the Netaxis CLI As A Service terminating Service Providers in the UK can prevent calls that would attract a surcharge from being completed. The service rejects calls with missing, corrupt, malformed or unknown CLIs and using a tabular lookup applies the relevant charge band for allowable calls. 

Whilst the charging element is only for calls to the UK there are two other areas that are of real interest to UK based telcos:

  • Any call that has a UK CLI that traverses the PSTN SHOULD (as per the General Conditions) have a valid Number regardless of where the call is terminating, CLI As A Service helps providers to ensure that they are compliant.
  • For international terminating calls the same system could be used. For example you may have some great EEA rates from one carrier but don’t currently use them because the EEA has origin based charging. In this case if you send a NON EEA CLI then it attracts surcharges. Here again the CLI As A Service adds value.

This service is relevant for:

  • Wholesale operators
  • UK based retail Service Providers 
  • Users of open source equipment or providers with a basic setup with limited control over CLI manipulation and presentation

With costs set at 0.0005 Euros per lookup the service is very cost-effective and no contract term means customers can turn the service off or on to suit.


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