Enreach for Service Providers announces a strategic partnership with Netaxis Solutions

enreach for service providers and netaxis solutions

Service Providers can take advantage of the fast-growing UC (Unified Communication) market through the combined solution of Enreach UP and Netaxis FusionThe solution enables Service Providers to offer their customers a complete suite of UC features, such as contact centre solutions, meeting and collaboration tools, voice and video calling, messaging, UC connectivity and more. These features can help customers improve their productivity, communication, employee, and customer experience.

Enreach UP and Netaxis Fusion are both highly automated solutions that simplify the delivery and management of UC services. Service Providers can use the combined solution to provision, configure, monitor, troubleshoot, and update UC services with ease and speed. This reduces operational costs and increases customer satisfaction. The solution also allows Service Providers to differentiate themselves through white labelling.

Furthermore, Enreach UP and Netaxis Fusion provide flexibility and customisation options for different market needs. Service Providers can choose from a wide range of UC solutions that are tailored to specific segments, such as small businesses, enterprises, education, healthcare, hospitality, etc. Service Providers can also integrate these solutions with other platforms or applications that their customers use. In this way, Service Providers can avoid investing in solutions that may become obsolete or incompatible over time.

“The combination of Enreach UP and Netaxis Fusion creates a powerful core for Service Providers who want to excel in the UC market. Think of this combined solution as a universal docking station, enabling technologies from multiple vendors to be easily accessible in one converged environment. Also, since our two companies carry out all the heavy lifting, we help Service Providers overcome barriers to adopting technology: the benefits have to outweigh the effort.”

In addition, the two organisations also believe that strong partnerships — with CSPs at the centre — are just as important as innovative technologies.

 “The industry needs to evolve beyond the basic model of a product vendor and Service Provider selling a solution to a customer. Instead, we need to widen the partnership model to include multiple technologies that address the changing needs of diverse customers and help CPSs differentiate while maintaining their independence and delivering positive customer outcomes. We want to create an ecosystem of partners, even including some with whom we compete: if we put the customer first, we can collectively succeed"

"We welcome this partnership and see a tremendous benefit for Service Providers by bringing the best together. We are in the business of helping to make the complex task of blending best-in-class solutions for CSPs simple. So, we are delighted to be working with Enreach, which clearly puts the CSP at the centre of the partnership model while also focusing on helping provide valuable customer outcomes. Fusion is part of our portfolio of applications and professional services, which we bring to this exciting next generation of technology integration and adoption."

About Enreach for Service Providers

Enreach is a European leader in converged contact solutions. Our mission is to give companies access to the best communication and collaboration tools with a simple, user-centric interface built around their specific needs and systems. Our cloud UC platform Enreach UP enables Service Providers and integrators deliver their business customers value-added services, including FMC, video collaboration, messaging, inbound/outbound call centre functionality and conversational bots, seamlessly integrated with mobile services, Microsoft Teams, CRM and ERP systems. Enreach UP is offered as a multi-tenant, white label platform, with several deployment options for partners. Enreach group operates in over 25 countries and counts more than 1,300 employees. 

More information at https://enreach.com/en

About Netaxis Solutions

Netaxis Solutions, founded in 2010 by four telecom engineers, has over 50 employees, primarily engineers. Its head office is located in Brussels, Belgium, and it has branches in the Netherlands, Italy, France and the UK. Netaxis’ customers are Tier-1 telecom operators such as MTN, KPN, T-Mobile, Orange, Proximus and Vodafone. The company has strong partnerships with Enreach, Cisco and Oracle, whose products provide complementary services to customers in EMEA and Asia. Netaxis also serves large corporations and multinationals such as ABN Amro, ACHMEA, Vattenfall and Arcadis. 

More information at https://www.netaxis.be/

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