Embrace the future: Optimize your telecoms operations by launching a Session Border Controller (SBC) as a Service

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The rapid evolution of communication technology has revolutionised the way telecoms operators provide their services. One of the most critical components of today’s communication networks is the Session Border Controller (SBC).

As a vital part of modern telecoms infrastructure, SBCs play a significant role in ensuring the security, reliability, and interoperability of voice and multimedia communications over IP networks. With the growing demand for cloud-based services, launching an SBC as a service presents numerous benefits for telecoms operators.

Benefits for both innovative telecoms operators and their enterprises 

Benefit 1: Cost savings 

Implementing SBC as a service reduces upfront capital expenditures (CAPEX) and allows for more manageable operating expenses (OPEX). Telecoms operators and customers can scale their services according to demand, which helps to optimise resource allocation and prevent over-provisioning of hardware and software.

Benefit 2: Flexibility and scalability

By offering SBC as a service, telecoms operators can quickly adapt to changing market demands and customer needs. Cloud-based SBCs can be easily scaled up or down to accommodate traffic fluctuations, enabling telecoms operators and their customers to respond to evolving business requirements and support new communication services.

Benefit 3: Enhanced security

SBC as a service ensures that the telecoms operator’s network is protected from malicious attacks and unauthorised access. SBCs serve as a secure gateway for SIP-based multimedia sessions, providing comprehensive threat prevention mechanisms and real-time monitoring capabilities to safeguard critical network assets and customer data.

Benefit 4: Simplified deployment and management

Launching SBC as a service eliminates the complexities associated with on-premises hardware and software installations. Telecoms operators can streamline deployment and management processes, enabling them and their customers to focus on their core business activities. Cloud-based SBC services also provide enhanced monitoring, analytics, and reporting tools, making it easier for operators to maintain network performance and troubleshoot issues.

Benefit 5: Improved interoperability and quality of service

SBCs deployed as a service can seamlessly interconnect with various IP networks, ensuring interoperability between different service providers and communication protocols. This capability enables telecoms operators and to deliver high-quality voice, video, and multimedia services to their customers while minimising latency, packet loss, and other performance issues.

Benefit 6: Standard routing capabilities out of the box

SBCs deployed as a service offer standard routing capabilities out of the box, such as Authentication/authorisation based on REALM and IP whitelisting, Phone number provisioning, Bundling of trunks, Load balancing, Disaster Recovery, Hunting, Call Admission Control,  Flexible header manipulation…..

In conclusion, launching a Session Border Controller as a service is an innovative and efficient approach for telecoms operators to meet the evolving needs of their customers while maximising the return on their investments. By leveraging the benefits of cost savings, flexibility and scalability, enhanced security, simplified deployment and management, and improved interoperability and quality of service, telecoms operators can stay ahead of the competition and continue to provide exceptional communication services in the digital age.

Why partner with Netaxis? 

In the rapidly evolving telecommunications landscape, choosing the right partner to implement an SBC as a service is crucial for success. Netaxis Solutions, with its 15 years of experience in the domain, stands out as the best partner to help telecoms operators embrace the benefits of SBC as a service. Serving over 60 operators globally, Netaxis has demonstrated its expertise in simplifying and automating telecoms infrastructure, making us a trusted partner for operators looking to transform their networks.

Netaxis Solutions’ deep understanding of the telecommunications industry allows us to offer tailored, innovative solutions that cater to the unique needs of each operator. By leveraging our extensive experience and proven track record, Netaxis can help operators overcome the challenges associated with implementing SBC as a service, ensuring a smooth transition and seamless integration with existing systems.

Moreover, our commitment to providing excellent customer service and technical support means that telecoms operators can rely on Netaxis to guide them every step of the way, from initial consultation and planning to implementation, maintenance, and optimisation. Operators can rest assured that they are working with a team of experts dedicated to helping them unlock the full potential of SBC as a service and transform their businesses for the better.

Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your telecommunications infrastructure with the help of an industry leader. Visit Netaxis Solutions’ website at www.netaxis.be to learn more about their offerings and how we can help you harness the power of SBC as a service to drive your business forward.

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