Proximus chooses Oracle & Netaxis for interconnection revamp

Belgium's leading telecoms provider, Proximus, partners with Oracle and Netaxis Solutions to revamp its core interconnection platform.
Proximus_Chooses_Oracle_and_Netaxis_for_Core Interconnection_Platform_Revamp

Belgian incumbent telco Proximus selected Oracle and Netaxis to completely revamp its core interconnection platform. This platform is used to link all telecoms operators in Belgium and serves as the primary hub of voice traffic in the country. Proximus wanted to centralise all routing decisions in an easily programmable engine. Leveraging Oracle SBC and Netaxis’ Session Routing Engine, the solution handles up to 1,500 SIP calls per second and replies to routing queries based on a 17 million entry ENUM database.  

Netaxis’ SRE, a leading routing platform, is able to accommodate the most complex routing scenarios by using its graphical Service Logic Editor and Datamodel Editor. This allows the development of complex scenarios in a rapid and flexible way. This new centralised routing engine also gives Proximus better visibility of the performance and behaviour of its core interconnection engines.

SRE Powered Network

Fully programmable
Flexibility 85%
Automated provisioning
Automation 70%
Onboarding 80%
Central decision point
Service Orchestration 90%

Traditional Network

Manual provisioning
Long feasibility study and testing
Multiple decisions points across networks

"In the context of the global modernisation and softwarization of the Proximus voice platforms, we have selected Netaxis’ SRE product to implement the routing core of the Voice interconnect infrastructure. Proximus’ relation with Netaxis has proven to be effective both for project delivery and operational support. We look forward to a further positive cooperation in the future."

"This is the next step in the long lasting collaboration between Proximus and Netaxis whereby our partnership is again extended with industry leading solutions to support Proximus to accelerate, automate and simplify with our ultimate goal to answer the evolving needs of their customers in an efficient way."

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