Elevating telecoms operations: Merging platform engineering with APIO & SRE for advanced voice engineering amid rising complexity

Find out how Netaxis can help elevate telecoms operations by merging platform engineering with APIO & SRE.

As projected by Gartner for 2024 and beyond, platform engineering emerges as a pivotal trend, aimed at boosting productivity, enhancing user experiences, and speeding up business value delivery through the creation and maintenance of self-service internal development platforms.

Unlike a solitary endeavour, platform engineering thrives on team synergy, focusing on delivering specialised services and products in the evolving landscape of DevOps, where continuous innovation is the norm.

How does this trend resonate in the voice and IoT arena?

Voice platform engineering simplifies the pathway to essential tools and services for developers within an organisation. This is realised through an Internal Developer Platform (IDP), envisioned as a marketplace for rolling out ready-made solutions on a self-service model. The core objective is to fast-track access to technical resources, removing the roadblocks of infrastructure setup or scenario deployment from scratch.

This streamlined access potentially harmonises deployment scenarios. A centralised catalogue fosters standard solutions across voice and IoT engineering teams, transitioning from the custom setups that are challenging to monitor and maintain.

Rather than a competitor, platform engineering emerges as a comrade to DevOps, injecting fresh efficiencies into the established provisioning and deployment workflows, addressing the stagnation encountered by standard DevOps in several organisations.

Yet, a few considerations temper the optimism:

  1. Larger enterprises may grapple with aligning the varied needs of a broad engineering base with the platform engineering framework.

  2. The unforeseen technical requirements necessitate manual provisioning.

  3. The advantages may not be evenly spread across teams, particularly those with less frequent deployment of new solutions.

Netaxis' APIO and SRE: transforming voice operations in the telecoms sector

Navigating to the telecom sector, Netaxis’ APIO and SRE platforms unveil as crucial enablers in manoeuvring the complex shift of voice to advanced UCaaS solutions. They epitomise how platform engineering principles can be adeptly customised to tackle industry-centric challenges.

APIO and SRE streamline, automate, and expedite voice & IoT operations, encapsulating the essence of platform engineering. They serve as catalysts in managing the contemporary complexities of voice networks, displaying a practical embodiment of platform engineering ethos in the telecom domain. Through APIO and SRE, Netaxis not only advocates for the platform engineering framework but also unveils a viable pathway to boost operational efficiency in voice telecom operations amidst the evolving UCaaS solutions scenario.

With the global deployment of APIO and SRE at numerous leading telecom operators, Netaxis contributes to the platform engineering narrative, illustrating its palpable impact in the telecom sector, and advancing the pursuit of operational excellence in a world transitioning towards sophisticated UCaaS solutions.

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