From PowerShell pitfalls to empowerment: Revolutionising telecoms engineering with Netaxis APIO

Learn how Netaxis APIO streamlines UC platform integration, reduces errors, and enhances efficiency in the evolving telecoms landscape.

This post discusses how Netaxis API Orchestrator (APIO) takes the pain away from developers having to implement complex PowerShell scripting when integrating Unified Communications (UC) platforms such as Microsoft Teams Phone, Cisco Webex and Zoom into a telco’s own systems.

In the rapidly evolving telecoms industry, migrating to cloud-based UC services such as  Microsoft Teams Phone, Cisco Webex, and others presents both opportunities and challenges for telecommunications engineers. While aiming to leverage UC capabilities, engineers frequently encounter the complexities of PowerShell scripting for system administration tasks. This reliance on PowerShell not only demands a high level of technical expertise but also introduces significant risks and inefficiencies.

Recognising these challenges, Netaxis APIO emerges as a transformative solution, offering an automated orchestration and workflow platform designed to streamline operations and reduce reliance on manual scripting.

The PowerShell predicament

PowerShell, a powerful scripting language and shell framework developed by Microsoft, is extensively used to automate the administration of systems, including UC environments. However, the use of PowerShell imposes a number of challenges for telco engineers:

  • Complexity and expertise: PowerShell requires a deep understanding of scripting and programming, making it difficult for engineers primarily focusing on telecoms infrastructure.

  • Risk of errors: Manual scripting can lead to errors, potentially causing significant service disruptions and financial losses.

  • Constant updates: Microsoft’s frequent updates to PowerShell script requirements can render existing scripts obsolete overnight, necessitating continuous revisions and maintenance.

Moreover, the manual nature of these processes leaves plenty of room for error, where a single mistake can lead to severe consequences. A prime example of such a scenario is the infamous outage that impacted Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp in October 2021, triggered by a coding oversight.

The situation becomes more complex as  Microsoft frequently updates scripting requirements at short notice. Such updates could render scripts obsolete almost instantly. It’s essential to recognise that system administrators often don’t have the same skill set as developers, making it increasingly difficult and resource-intensive for IT teams to stay current.

Complicating matters further, Microsoft phased out support for Teams PowerShell modules older than version 4. Consequently, organisations relying on earlier versions for their provisioning infrastructure have dedicated extensive development efforts to maintain operational continuity. This will undoubtedly reoccur.

The expanding IT landscape

The transition to hybrid work models and the cloud has introduced new complexities in telecoms infrastructure management. Engineers have to ensure seamless integration of on-premises and cloud systems, maintain high-security standards to protect against increasing cyber threats and manage multiple vendor environments efficiently. These challenges underscore the need for a more streamlined and automated approach to UC and network management.

Introducing a solution: Netaxis APIO

Netaxis APIO is a powerful platform that addresses the specific needs of telecoms engineers managing UC systems. Its key features include:

  • Multi-vendor management: APIO’s ability to manage multiple vendor systems through a single interface significantly simplifies the complexity of hybrid UC environments.

  • Automated orchestration: By automating routine tasks, APIO reduces the need for manual scripting, minimising the risk of errors and freeing up engineers to focus on more strategic initiatives.

  • Seamless integration: APIO’s seamless integration with Microsoft tools and other UC platforms ensures that engineers can efficiently manage migrations, provisioning, and deprovisioning without deep PowerShell expertise.

  • Enabler: Netaxis APIO is an enabler for more complex workflows.

Beyond automation: The strategic benefits of APIO

Adopting APIO not only solves immediate operational challenges but also offers strategic benefits for telecoms infrastructure management:

  • Operational efficiency: APIO’s automation capabilities enable telecoms engineers to implement changes quickly and accurately, improving service quality and customer satisfaction.

  • Risk mitigation: By reducing the reliance on manual scripting, APIO minimises the risk of errors that can lead to service disruptions.

  • Future-proofing: APIO’s flexible and scalable platform ensures that telecoms engineers can easily adapt to future technologies and UC platforms, protecting long-term investments.

The future of voice and Netaxis' role

As the Voice and UCaaS industry continues to evolve, telecoms engineers must navigate a landscape marked by rapid technological advances and shifting vendor landscapes. Netaxis APIO positions itself as a vital platform for engineers, offering a scalable and flexible solution that adapts to industry changes, ensuring that telecoms infrastructures remain robust, secure, and efficient.

Case studies and success stories

Netaxis APIO is operating in the networks of tens of operators globally today. For example, a telecoms provider faced challenges managing its multi-vendor UC environment. After implementing APIO, the provider saw a significant reduction in manual scripting errors, streamlined operations, and improved service delivery times. Such success stories highlight APIO’s potential to revolutionise voice and UC management for telecoms engineers.

A wrap up

The challenges associated with PowerShell scripting in the telecoms industry underscore the need for innovative solutions like Netaxis APIO. By offering a powerful platform for automated orchestration and workflow management, APIO not only addresses the immediate challenges of PowerShell dependency but also positions telecoms engineers for success in a rapidly evolving UC landscape.

For telecoms engineers seeking to enhance operational efficiency, reduce risk, and future-proof their UC infrastructures, Netaxis APIO represents a transformative solution. We invite you to explore how APIO can benefit your organisation and encourage you to contact Netaxis for a demo or further information.

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