Netaxis Achieves ISO 9001 certification for quality management

Netaxis, a leader in providing carrier-grade platforms for voice operators, proudly announces its attainment of ISO 9001 certification.

Netaxis, a leader in providing carrier-grade platforms for operators in the voice business, proudly announces its attainment of the ISO 9001 certification. This globally recognized standard for quality management underscores Netaxis’s dedication to delivering superior products and services to its clients.

Industry-Leading Platforms

Netaxis’s flagship platforms, APIO and SRE, are pivotal to the operations of 70 leading operators worldwide. APIO serves as an orchestration and automation platform for voice and unified communications (UC) solutions, seamlessly integrating value-added services from third parties. The Service Routing Engine (SRE) complements these capabilities by offering sophisticated routing solutions tailored to the specific needs of service providers both in voice and IOT. Together, these platforms, marketed under the FUSION umbrella, deliver customized solutions that address the unique requirements of each operator.

Expertise and Strategic Partnerships

Netaxis’s engineering team of over 30 voice experts has been instrumental in forming strong partnerships with numerous operators and prominent industry players such as Cisco and Oracle. These collaborations have been a foundation of Netaxis’s success, enabling the company to provide innovative, high-quality solutions for more than a decade. The extensive expertise within Netaxis ensures that operators receive not only state-of-the-art technology but also the strategic guidance necessary to enhance their voice and UC services.

Commitment to Quality

Quality is important to Netaxis’s operations and product development. The ISO 9001 certification is a testament to the company’s robust quality management system. This standard requires a systematic approach to managing processes and delivering consistent quality in products and services.

By adhering to these rigorous quality standards, Netaxis demonstrates its commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. Achieving ISO 9001 certification assures Netaxis’s partners and clients that the company maintains the highest levels of quality in its operations and solutions.

Looking Ahead

As Netaxis continues to innovate and expand its service offerings, the ISO 9001 certification marks a significant milestone in its journey. This achievement not only reinforces the company’s dedication to quality but also strengthens its position as a trusted leader in the telecommunications industry.

Netaxis remains committed to supporting operators in their voice business with high-quality, efficient, and innovative solutions. The company’s ongoing partnerships with leading industry players and its focus on quality management will undoubtedly drive further success and growth in the years ahead.

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About Netaxis

Netaxis provides carrier-grade platforms and solutions for operators in the voice business. With a focus on quality, innovation, and expertise, Netaxis's core platforms APIO and SRE, offered under the FUSION umbrella, are operational at 70 leading operators worldwide. The company's commitment to quality is demonstrated by its recent ISO 9001 certification.

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