Monthly Archives: April 2020

Number Portability Automation solutions by Netaxis

Read about the role of Netaxis APIO in mediating Cisco BroadWorks provisioning in the Telco IT landscape and automated Number Porting process. … Read More

Why moving to Netaxis APIO can bring more value than just replacing Loki or UCEP portals

Netaxis APIO helps with Cisco BroadWorks Unified Communications projects, simplifying the complex procedures and accelerating your business growth. … Read More

Unusual times in which we live

Covid has changed everyone’s reality to the core. For the telecom industry, including Netaxis, the lockdown has turned out to be a hectic time. … Read More

Improved Sigma VoIP Call Simulator

Meet a new major release of Sigma, VoIP call simulator product which includes a capability of building scenarios for conformance testing. … Read More

APIO for Broadworks – integration made easy

Learn in detail the two-step provisioning approach to leverage Netaxis APIO – mediation layer between network elements. … Read More